Lambeth Law Office is a General Law Practice

 Lambeth Law Office handles a wide variety of legal issues.  Give Lambeth Law Office a call today to schedule your free consultation. 

Criminal Law

Criminal accusations are a serious matter that can put your freedom and financial security at risk.

Lambeth Law Office represents those accused of criminal activity, including, but not limited to:

-Driving Under the Influence

-Property Crimes

-Drug Offenses

- Assault/ Crimes of Violence

Contract Law

Knowing your rights under a contract is essential. Lambeth Law Office assists clients in:

-Contract Drafting

-Contract Review

-Contract Disputes

Business Law

Small businesses are an essential part of South Dakota's economy. Let Lambeth Law Office help you:

-Form a Business

-Draft Business Operating Documents

-Understand Organizational Models


Protecting your legacy is important to us.

Lambeth Law Office can assist you with:

-Drafting Wills

-Drafting Power of Attorney (POA) Documents

-Drafting Healthcare Directives/ Living Wills


Contact Kasen Lambeth, Attorney-at-Law  (605)-228-7013 or email at [email protected] 

Lambeth Law Office was formed to help South Dakotans enforce their rights in the least stressful way possible. Lambeth Law Office is committed to providing you with high quality legal services at reasonable prices. Do you have a legal issue? Let me help you to find the solution. Contact Lambeth Law Office today for a free consultation.